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World Thyroid Register & Register of Counterexamples to T4-Only Therapy

Register of Counterexamples to T4-monotherapy

This short, but extremely important survey is applicable only to those of you who continued to suffer symptoms on T4-only therapy, and who found those symptoms were mitigated or disappeared once you were started on a T3 hormone containing product.

The objective of the Register of Counterexamples is to draw to the attention of those responsible authorities throughout the world, the dire need for an urgent re-examination of the existing protocol for the diagnosis and management of the symptoms of hypothyroidism and challenge those studies previously undertaken (900 participants) that concluded that T4/T3 combination worked no better than T4-only.

Counterexamples prove incontrovertibly that endocrinology’s stance is dangerously wrong. Doctors continuance of practising in line with the T4-only treatment diktat for all sufferers of the symptoms of hypothyroidism is pernicious. The number of patient counterexamples, at the present time, stands at

A counterexample is a situation which fits the concept or premise of an idea but produces a different result. To be responsible, a scientist who finds a counterexample to his idea, must limit or abandon his idea as unworkable or not reliable. The T4-therapy does not work for all.

If your health has been affected because you continue to suffer the symptoms of hypothyroidism when treated with levothyroxine sodium (T4) only, (e.g. Eltroxin, Synthroid), please complete the following questionnaire:

Please also Sign The
World Thyroid Register started by the late Doctor Gordon Skinner


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