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It may be true that your first baby took a lot of your trace elements, and that itself, may have depleted your zinc and/or copper levels.

Zinc is one of the trace elements needed for proper thyroid function, so it may also be affecting your fertility via it’s impact on thyroid function.

Low zinc can cause fertility (low hormones) problems in both men and women.

It can also have a damaging effect on mental health if the other enzymes that need zinc (about 200) are affected by this low zinc status.

If you ask your doctor to carry out a zinc, copper and selenium test, that can easily be justified in view of the IVF costs (to you).

Zinc status is critical and may be one of the major causes of post-natal depression.

Very few doctors have an appreciation of the importance of trace elements in medical practice. One of the reasons is that they are needed in such small amounts that the ‘old teaching’ was that a ‘good diet’ was sufficient to provide all the ‘nutrition’ you need..ehem.

It was Prof Derek Bryce-Smith (Reading University about 1970s) put paid to that argument when he discovered that lead was being absorbed in large amounts, displacing an already depleted level of zinc in the body.

The zinc was depleted because of the phosphate ‘fertilisers’ used in agriculture.the paradox is easy to spot here!

I think, perhaps, you need to concentrate of getting your zinc status mended, whatever else is needed.

See:- The Zinc Solution, D. Bryce-Smith and Liz Hogdkinson ~ for the zinc taste test.

US RDA for zinc was set at 15mg/day (over 11y)
US RDA for zinc was set at 20mg/day (pregnant)
US RDA for zinc was set at 25mg/day (lactating)

and I wouldn’t mind betting that the figures for pregnant women also apply to ‘pre-pregnant men’ (partners/spouses)

low zinc in boys causes developmental delay and in men, it also causes lowered fertility.

I can see no logical reason that the same does not apply to girls and women.

vegetarians, crash dieters, smokers, heavy drinkers, users of the contraceptive pill, consumers of large amounts of wheat bran or soya products, persons recovering from surgical operations and those with very demanding life-styles will all suffer the effects of low zinc.

from our own recent (last ten-fifteen years) experiences, cortisol also appears to lower the zinc status.this latter is critical for anyone needing added support for the adrenals, particularly if that includes any amount of cortisol; the more cortisol ( hydrocortisone ) is used, the more important that zinc is supplemented along with sufficient copper (about 1-2mg) to avoid depletion of copper through excess zinc, ~ though Boots don’t add copper to their own-brand zinc supplement (yet).

I notice they (Boots) very soon brought out a zinc supplement some decades ago when I asked about the use of zinc oxide ( dissolved in citric acid to be used as a zinc supplement ) ~ known as customer driven product development! ~ but, by the same token it also includes telling them to take off the shelves, a mis-labelled product (a selenium supplement shown as containing 100mg !! of selenium ) ~ it’s OK they went back to being a private company after that one; no-one, but no-one had spotted the error which had crept into the website description as well

I call it crass incompetencedon’t sell products mis-labelled by a factor of x1000.

sorry for the rant..notice they were bought out using funny money that has just ‘gone wrong’if indeed the deal went through?? wonder if they mis-valued the company by a factor of x1000 ??

best wishes
(not an investor in Boots)


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