This website is dedicated to the millions of thyroid patients who are being ignored and left to suffer unnecessarily, and to healthcare practitioners, who want to better serve those patients.



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How to End Insomnia and Wake Up Refreshed

20 Apr 2016

How To End Insomnia and Wake Up Refreshed With Hypothyroidism By Tom Brimeyer |August 6th,…

The Hidden Medical Causes of Mental Disorders

21 Jul 2015

Londinium (one of our registered members) has been looking for research and studies relating to…

Low Cortisol, Oestrogen, testosterone, B12 ++ and Neuro-Psychiatric Disorders – by Jeffrey Dach MD

28 Apr 2014

Posted on April 24, 2014 A case was presented at the Medical University of South…

Depression Explored

30 Jan 2014

Depression causes untold misery and destroys lives. Perhaps one in five people will suffer from…

Thyroid Disease and Psychiatric Symptoms – Elaine Moore

30 Jan 2014 Psychiatric Symptoms and Conditions in Thyroid Disease Studies show an increased prevalence of psychiatric…

Prozac Panacea or Poison? by – Ann Blake Tracy, PhD

30 Jan 2014 As the executive director of the International Coalition for Drug Awareness, Dr. Tracy is…

Dr Lowe Q&A Psychology

30 Jan 2014

Psychology August 19, 2007 Question: I sent you a question by email, and the next…

Thyroid Disorders and Anxiety Recovery

30 Jan 2014

In many of the cases we have helped, probably at least 20%, other, clinical health…

The International Coalition For Drug Awareness

21 Jan 2014

5/06/2000 The Aftermath Of Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Fen-Phen, & Many Other Serotonergic Drugs By Dr….

T3 in the treatment of depression

14 Nov 2013

Below are references to some research/studies that have been done showing the active thyroid hormone…

Identifying And Reducing Causes Of Stress : General information For Patients

03 Nov 2013

Dietary Never skip meals! Ensure that you eat at least every 3 or 4 hours,…