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RAI – reasons for not agreeing to RAI

25 Jan 2019

Thank you to Christina for the following which was posted on the forum and now…

5 Lies About Your Thyroid Disease That You’re Likely to Hear

26 Oct 2016

An article from the popular Mary Shomon. Read the article here    

Worst Pills to take when taking Thyroid Hormones

14 Mar 2016

Medications That May Cause Adverse Interactions with Thyroid Drugs The thyroid medication levothyroxine (LEVO-T, LEVOXYL,…

Breast Cancer – Study shows hyperthyroidism has increased breast cancer risk.

18 Feb 2016

(HealthDay News) — Women with hyperthyroidism have increased breast cancer risk, while hypothyroidism is associated…

Subclinical Hyperthyroidism: Controversies in Management

24 Sep 2015

Subclinical Hyperthyroidism: Controversies in Management DIANE K. SHRIER, M.D., George Washington University Medical Center, Washington,…

A message from Rebecca to another Member about Graves/Hashi’s/Hashitoxicosis

14 Mar 2014

Hey there Sorry it’s taken me ages to get back to you. I’ve read this…

Ten things to consider before having radioactive iodine treatment (RAI)

13 Nov 2013

My name is Liz. I have been a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for ten years. I…

Therapy Insight: management of Graves disease during pregnancy

12 Nov 2013

An article from the journal Nature Clinical Practice reviewed in September 2006. Medscape, LLC is…

Do we warn patients about the risk of neutropenia associated with the use of anti-thyroid drugs?

12 Nov 2013

Endocrine Abstracts (2010) 21 P381 Do we warn patients about the risk of neutropenia associated…

Suppression of Serum TSH by Graves Ig: Evidence for a Functional Pituitary TSH Receptor

12 Nov 2013

Leon J. S. Brokken, Jolanda W. C. Scheenhart, Wilmar M. Wiersinga and Mark F. Prummel…

Blood Tests Before Starting Anti-Thyroid Drugs

12 Nov 2013

From The Merck Manual of Medical Information Second Home Edition, p.951, edited by Mark H….

Advances in the Treatment of Graves Disease A Focus on Rituximab

12 Nov 2013

Advances in Treatment Current therapies of Graves’ disease are aimed at reducing thyroid hormone synthesis…

Surgery versus radioiodine therapy in the treatment of hyperthyroidism

12 Nov 2013

If you are offered surgical intervention because you suffer hyperthyroidism (Graves) goitre, make sure that…

Whats the rush in treating Graves disease? Elaine Moore

12 Nov 2013

This article explains the reasons why Graves’ patients should not be rushed into having aggressive…

Graves Disease: Dont Let It Go Untreated – Elaine Moore

12 Nov 2013

If left untreated, Graves’ Disease can lead to mre serious complications, including birth defects in…

Auto-Antibodies in Graves and Hashimotos Jim Lowrance

12 Nov 2013

Major Thyroid Disease Causing Antibodies Thyroid autoimmunity is the most common cause of thyroid disease…

Graves Disease Information for Family and Friends

12 Nov 2013

Thyroid imbalances of any kind==but most notably Graves’ Disease==disturb normal function in every cell of…

Current and emerging treatment options Graves hyperthyroidism

12 Nov 2013

Current and emerging treatment options Graves hyperthyroidism Radioiodine, antithyroid drugs and surgery have been well…

Autoimmune thyroid disease Elaine Moore

12 Nov 2013

In autoimmune thyroid disease (AIDT), the immune system mistakenly launches an immune response against the…

Atypical Graves Disease Symptoms Elaine Moore

12 Nov 2013

Graves’ disease is a condition of autoimmune hyperthyroidism, which typically causes one or more predominant…

Antithyroid drugs in Graves disease Elaine Moore

12 Nov 2013

Antithyroid drugs in Graves disease Lowering Thyroid Hormone Levels Many compounds interfere, directly or indirectly,…