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Scottish Parliament call for Thyroid Treatment Protocol

A five year battle for recognition and improved diagnosis of patients with thyroid conditions has today led to a call for a clear, single protocol for testing to be applied for the whole of Scotland.    The Scottish Petition, PE 1463, started in 2013  and driven by Lorraine Cleaver, who has had first hand experience of the treatment meted out to Thyroid Patients.

The overall conclusions from the report on the Petition by the Scottish Parliament are:


Thyroid conditions can have a significant impact on the lives of those who are diagnosed with having them. While the majority of patients with hypothyroidism will be diagnosed and treated successfully using the standard treatment and testing regimes, there is a proportion of patients for whom this is not the case.

This petition has raised the profile of that cohort of patients who either do not respond to the standard treatment, or who do not respond to the extent that they feel sufficiently well. It is important that these patients are believed when they report ongoing symptoms to clinicians.

However, the Committee recognises that there are differing views as to the evidential basis of both the current system of diagnosis, testing and treatment and the changes that are called for in the petition. The Committee recognises that discussions about these differing views will, and should, continue. This report sets out the Committee’s conclusions and, where appropriate, makes recommendations for consideration by the Scottish Government and other decision makers. The Committee looks forward to receiving responses from these bodies.

The full PDF report from the Scottish Parliament can be downloaded here



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