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If you have 40 minutes spare, take time to watch this video, where it explains a lot of what is not generally known about iodine. You can watch this video here

Your Body Needs Iodine for More than Just Your Thyroid
Dr. Flechas presents a number of interesting facts about iodine that is not widely known. For example, did you know that thyroid hormones are created not just in your thyroid, but also in a woman’s ovaries (thyroid T2), and in the white blood cells of your bone marrow? Furthermore, iodine is not only required for proper function of your thyroid.

Other tissues that absorb and use large amounts of iodine include:
Breasts Salivary glands Pancreas Cerebral spinal fluid
Skin Stomach Brain Thymus

Iodine deficiency, or insufficiency, in any of these tissues will lead to dysfunction of that tissue. Hence the following symptoms could provide clues that you’re not getting enough iodine in your diet. For example, iodine deficiency in:

    • Salivary glands = inability to produce saliva, producing dry mouth


    • Skin = dry skin, and lack of sweating. Three to four weeks of iodine supplementation will typically reverse this symptom, allowing your body to sweat normally again


    • Brain = reduced alertness, and lowered IQ


    • Muscles = nodules, scar tissue, pain, fibrosis, fibromyalgia


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